Two people walk away unharmed from a small plane crash


The National Transportation Safety Board will be on the ground in McCormick County Thursday trying to figure out what caused a small plane crash near the Georgia-Pacific wood yard.

Two people are lucky to walk away from the crash; a scary scene that could have been a lot worse.

“By the time our units arrived on the scene they were found outside of the plane,” said Major Melvin Brock. “They had a couple of cuts and scrapes but other than that they were fine.”

Investigators say the small plane took off from the McCormick County airport, making its return to Newnan Georgia when the pilot experienced mechanical issues and crashed into the tree line of Georgia Pacific Corporation.

“Around 2:30 PM today, our department along with the police department,” explained Brock. “McCormick got a called that a plane had crashed near Georgia Pacific. Units arrived on the scene, and they located the plane on Georgia Pacific Property.”

Residents were passing by to see the scene say they never would expect a plane to crash in their town.

Major Brock told NewsChannel 6 reporter Devin Johnson he is just glad no other cars or buildings were impacted.

“We were all pretty shock to see that,” said Brock. “We’re glad they made out as they did.”

No injuries were reported in the crash. The McCormick County Sheriff’s Office and EMA wrapped up, but the investigation is far from over.

“The Sherriff’s Office will monitor until during the night,” explained Brock. “We aren’t going to allow anybody on the property until the investigation is over with.”

Investigators with NTSB will be here tomorrow morning for further investigations. 

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