Two candidates put their name in the hat as the city leader of Grovetown


There is an open seat on the Grovetown Council. NewsChannel 6 reporter Devin Johnson spoke with the two candidates who hope to become the next city leader.

“My whole goal is to be a part of the solution to fix the problem,” said Allen Transou.

“I believe in the concept of work quietly and let your success be your noise,” Marsha Keating. “I think that is some good qualities to bring to Grovetown.”

Keating and Transou have one goal in common, to be the next council member of Grovetown.

The candidates say the city needs more development, so residents do not have to travel outside of the town for daily needs.

“There are other things people deserve to have where they don’t go outside the city to patronize,” explained Transou. “People should be able to patronize right in their backyard.”

“We need to bring more into the community; we have the commercial space,” said Keating.

Transou says his agenda includes strengthing public safety and making the Grovetown the destination to live.

“We make the city acceptable and attractive to those in the lower income,” said Transou. “So it can be a city that meets all economic status.”

His opponent was not at the candidate forum, but Keating told Devin her vision is to see the parks to be revamped.

“How can we improve our parks, and how can we improve the programs in the parks when we have to go and fix damage over and over,” said Keating.

The Grovetown City Council Candidate adds she believes the school system should consider adding another high school, due to the city’s rapid growth.

“All of those homes are three to five bedrooms, and they are going to bring the children, and we are going to need more schools,” explained Keating.

The primary election for Grovetown City Council is March 19th. 

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