Two all girl cyber-security high school teams qualifies for championship round


The Evans High all-girl cyber-security team is the number one team in the Peach State.

And as the four girls on the team prepare for the “Girls Go CyberStart” national competition, their instructor says his mission is to recruit more girls into the cyber industry.

“The technology industry is looking to bring more women into the field, so I would like my classroom to reflect that and bring more women in here,” Steven Hahn.

Three years ago, Mr. Hahn had one girl taking part in cyber competitions against teams made up of boys.

Evans all-girls cyber-security team

He made it his goal to recruit more girls, and he’s succeeded. There are now 26 girls on the team, and they are flourishing.

“When I bring in the girls, it helps balance out the classroom,” said Hahn. “There is a more free flow of ideas. The girls bring a lot to the table that the boys don’t consider.”

Hahn says girls are usually interested in technology at an early age but eventually wind up pursuing other interests. So he has the girls in his class encourage those students.

“They came in knowing I was available for help and training if they need it,” said Eliana Lopez. “So they felt more comfortable going into this intimidating field.”

Lopez, a rising senior and captain of the Evans cyber-security team, says she and her teammates want to be the inspiration for more schools in the area to create technology programs for girls.

“It’s just not good for the girls in school but good for the schools themselves,” explained Lopez. “It grants them recognition in a town that is widely known for cyber-security now.”

For now, she is focusing on introducing technology to younger girls, including her little sister.

“She has become more inspired to do what I’m doing,” said Lopez. “Not for a job, but overall becoming more aware of what she is doing, and what she is using.”

Evans’ cyber-security instructor says he is preparing his students for Georgia’s growing cyber industry.

“The girls today that get into this field is writing their ticket,” explained Hahn.

Augusta Prep’s all-girl cyber-security team

Augusta Preparatory Day School also qualified for nationals. Both teams will compete in the championship round in June.

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