(WJBF) – The story of brothers Davon and Tavon Woods was one that caught a lot of attention.

The twins were removed from their biological family at birth due to their mother doing drugs, and their time in foster care was a difficult one.

In May, they walked from Georgia to Florida to raise awareness about the foster care system.

Their journey was a tough one but with the help of each other, from people they met along the way, the two brothers were able to complete their mission.

Now they look to continue their message and get it out to even more people.

“We’re going to be going to Sumter, South Carolina walking 20 miles, we plan on doing 20 miles in every state before the end of the year. We’re trying to keep that light shining on what’s happening in the foster care system,” said Davon Woods.

Sumter is where the twins were originally born. They say starting their journey there is important to them.

“We’re going to start at the hospital where we were taken from,” said Woods.

The twins will be doing 20 miles in every city that they go to, and they hope that people in each state will hear their message about the foster care system.

“Often times what happens is the foster care system doesn’t get talked about, so we just want to show people that this is something that we take very serious, and we want the world to know what kids are going through,” said Woods.

The Woods twins’ first walk was just the beginning of their story. Once they realized how many lives they touched, they say they knew that they had to keep going.

“So many people respected what we did and so many kids are now inspired, so many people in the world are inspired. We did what we did, and we continue to do what we do, so that we can continue to show these kids that somebody cares about them,” said Woods.

The twins hope that others join them on their walks when they come to each city, but they understand if people are unable to make it due to the heat.

“I don’t really expect everyone to come out there in this hot sun. Of course that’s the goal but we’re going to walk no matter if it’s one of us, two of us, three of us, the number isn’t really the key factor, it’s more about why we’re doing it,” said Woods.

The Woods twins will begin walking in Sumter on the morning of Monday, June 27th. They encourage people to stop by and say ‘hi’ if they see them, follow them on social media, and visit their website for more information on their mission.