(WJBF) – Davon and Tavon Woods are continuing their journey of walking the country for foster care awareness.

The twin brothers were removed from their biological family at birth due to their mother’s drug use, and their time in foster care was a difficult one.

The story doesn’t stop there. The brothers have been going from state to state, walking for their cause, and now they received national attention for their efforts.

Currently the twins have walked in twenty three states, and in two other country’s.

As they approach the halfway mark we wanted to catch up with the twins and see how their mission was going.

Gentlemen, how does it feel from where you started, to where you’re at now?

“Well first we just want to give God thanks because without him we are nothing, but it’s just been an amazing journey, and there’s been so many up, so many things that we didn’t expect, but at the end of the day, God isn’t goin to put anything on you that you can’t handle. So we’ve just been pushing, and there’s been times where we’ve wanted to give up honestly. There’s been times where I’ve just wanted to say ‘I’m done with this,’ but every time I do that I always think about the kids that follow us, the kids that look up to us. So it just keeps us going. It’s been one that we will always remember, I can say that,” said Davon.

Talk to me about what lead up to the initial walk from Georgia to Florida.

“Well me and Davon got taken away from our family at birth, due to my our mom doing drugs while pregnant with us. Therefore, we got adopted at the age of two. We stayed in a foster home until we were two and then we were adopted by the woods family, and just our experience of being adopted, certain things we knew weren’t right, but me and Davon never told anyone anything that we were going through. So I knew so many kids where going through what we were going through. So me and Davon had to speak up, because I don’t want another kid to have to suffer in silence, and what we did, we brought it to the light,” said Tavon

Give me a rundown of some of the places that you’ve been to.

We’ve knocked out about every place up north besides four states. Big thanks to God we were able to go to Guam. We know it isn’t a state, but at the end of the journey we’re going to be over fifty states, because we added Guam, and we did Puerto Rico. It’s just been amazing the support has been crazy. We both quit our jobs, I haven’t had a job for two years now, and the supporters have just been supporting us,” said Davon.

You have to think, we didn’t expect to be doing all of these different states, we were just going to do Georgia to Florida, but we saw the support. A lot of people don’t believe in what we do, but we have people out there who are supporting us, and if it wasn’t for them, of course God put those people in our life for a reason, so I appreciate everybody,” said Tavon.

“Then I quit my job I lost everything, so now it’s been two years of me being homeless. All of this is by choice, we want to be able to do something that years later, down the line, kids in the foster care system will be able to say ‘Davon and Tavon, they lost everything, but they did it so that they can bring awareness for kids all around the world,” said Davon.

What’s it like being on the road, traveling from state to state?

“Honestly, it’s a struggle, but throughout all the pain and the struggle we still continue to smile. This has been the toughest journey of my life. I’ve never been on a journey this hard, but we just took that leap of faith. I grew up in church and one scripture everyone always talks about is walk by faith and I told Davon we’re walking by faith with no back up plan, so we’re fully entrusting in God, it’s what we’ve been doing the whole time, we keep pushing,” said Tavon.

What do you hope people say about you when this is all done? What is your legacy?

“While I’m here on earth I just want to able to do all I can. I know I’m not Superman, I know I’m not God but at the end of the day that’s why I quit my job. It takes a special person to be able to quit their job and go fight for kids and people all around the world and you have no money coming in. We just want people to know that the Twins, if they haven’t done anything else, they did a good job while they were here and they fought for kids all around the world,” said Davon.

You’ve gotten national media attention, talk to me about that.

The crazy part about it, is that we were coming to Georgia, and that’s when I found out that I lost my son, and then I looked at my phone, and there was an email, and it was from Good Morning America, and then we got an email from BET, and that was nobody but God, because often God will take something that’s precious to our hearts, but God does everything for a reason, so even though it hurt, something great came out of it, it just wasn’t my time. We’ll be up there on May 10th, they invited us up there to do a walk,” said Davon.

Good Morning America came out to our small town, searching for people walking across the country, and they stumbled across us. They reached out, and they liked what we were doing, and they wanted to shoot a segment on us. They came out to where we grew up and we put together a walk there. So we walked a half a mile and then we gave away shoes to kids in foster care at the end of the walk, and it was amazing.

The Woods Twins will continue their quest to walk in all fifty states.