AUGUSTA, Ga. (WJBF) – With Thanksgiving coming up this week, people are out and about getting last minute food items. But the options may look a little different this year.

 People in the community we spoke to said they’ve seen a shortage of turkeys, pie crusts, and other food products, as well as higher prices than last year.

“They say the turkey has doubled in prices, so it’s a shortage on those too. It ain’t just the turkeys, it’s everything,” said Christina Sellers and Diane Ferrell, who were shopping for Thanksgiving meats on Monday. “The cost of everything went up super super high. Like it’s hard for us that’s on fit income, that don’t get food stamps and assistance. It’s hard. That’s a lot coming out of your pocket.”

This is Lanier’s Fresh Meat Market on Walton Way’s busiest time of year. Wayne Lanier, the owner, said there’s a shortage of turkey wings, but he is expecting more to come in before Thanksgiving.

“Turkeys are scarce this year, and I had a lot ordered for today and they didn’t ship them but I called and they have a truck coming,” he said.

Lanier also said the business has many holiday deals going on right now, and its prices are competitive with bigger grocery chains, which could help keep money in costumers pockets.

At Mt. Sinai Missionary Baptist Church’s Thanksgiving food drive on Monday, chicken, beef and pork were handed out instead of turkey.

“With the price of turkeys being so high, then we get a lot of other poultry,” said Eunice Johnson, the secretary at Mt. Sinai. “A lot of people aren’t able to go to the store and buy any products because the price has gone up, so whatever we can do to help, that’s what we get to do.”

While some Thanksgiving feasts may look different this year, local organizations and churches like Mt. Sinai are doing what they can to make the holiday memorable for everyone.