NORTH AUGUSTA, S.C. (WJBF) – Tri Development Center in North Augusta provides services to adults with intellectual and physical disabilities.

The people at Tri Development Center are like a family and a big part of that family is Patricia Blaylock.

“Pat is an amazing woman, and I have been blessed to work with her daily and just see the difference that she makes in the lives of so many,” said North Augusta Vocational Manager, Deloris Glover.

“I guess it’s just a passion that I’ve always had, just working with people in general, and seeing them be more independent, just giving them dignity and honor, and respect and including them in our community,” said Blaylock.

Patricia has worked at Tri Development Center for 34 years, and she goes above and beyond to help people in and out of the facility.

“I’m always taking them out to all kinds of activities. When it’s football season, I’m there, basketball season, I’m there. We just enjoy each other, we celebrate everything, birthdays, holi days, and everything,” said Blaylock.

“You can see the smiles on their faces, they love themselves some Ms. Pat,” said Glover.

The staff appreciates everything she does so much that they nominated her for the South Carolina Human Services Providers, Direct Support Professional of the Year, and she won.

“To me receiving that award was an honor,” said Blaylock.

Initially Patricia had no idea that she would receive the award.

“When the lady was talking about how this person was getting people out into the community, basketball games and all that, I thought that sounded like something I did, and when she called my name, I almost melted, It was awesome,” said Blaylock.

Patricia Blaylock’s 34 year journey has led to this moment.

“It shows that I guess I’m doing something right, in my work, and my job,” said Blaylock.

“Pat, you are an amazing woman and we are so blessed to have you here at Tri Development Center. We thank you for the 34 years of service, and we’re looking forward to 34 more,” said Glover.