Trees a “big” problem downtown


The trees on Broad Street are a good amenity, providing shade in the summer and they are good for the environment but after all these years some downtown are saying to cut some of this out.

Broad Street’s Elm trees are sporting a fall look, but some are a little down on them right now.

“They’re a little messy if they are trimmed back a little they’ll make the street look a little nicer,” said Abby Paul who works on Broad Street.

It is autumn, so leaves will fall, and after all these years these trees have grown

“They’re too big we had some fall that year we had that big ice storm and it made a big mess down here and they’re bigger now then they were then,” says Ooollee Bricker a long time downtown business owner.

City hired Tree crews are now trimming back the trees after the city got complaints from some of those downtown.

” I hear from them aspect now the leaves are on top of their buildings its mainly the trees touching their buildings,” said Mayor Pro-Tem Sean Frantom.

The contractors is trimming back trees over 8 blocks on Broad Street.

They’re hitting the high branches because leaves falling on roof tops can result in new elms where no body wants them.

“Some of the seeds are actually falling into the gutters and growing other trees up there so it’s just causing extra maintenance on some other things so we’re trying to put a prevention plan on it right now,” said Evan Evans a city tree contractor.

Crews say this job will take about two weeks this will be an on going maintenance issue but over the next couple of weeks there will be less limbs and less leaves on Broad Street in Augusta George Eskola WJBF NewsChannel 6.

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