Tree falls into Augusta woman’s home, she says she’s lucky to be alive


An Augusta woman on Overton Rd. found herself counting her blessings after a tree fell through her home.

NewsChannel 6’s Jenna Kelley found this tree that toppled over. She spoke to the homeowner, Anita Tanner. Tanner said it’s when our weather man said “take cover” she heard the loud crash in her room.

“So, I went to this room and then I looked and went to that room and thought ‘what! this limb went through brick,'” says Tanner.

Kelley asked, “did you think ‘this couldn’t happen to me’?”

Tanner: “Oh yeah, you have that feeling, but when it happens it just was in shock!”

Kelley: “That wasn’t the only thing, you had power outages?”

Tanner: “The fire department is the one who came and said you got a surge or something, we’ve got to cut off part of your power.”

Kelley: “So where do you go from here?”

Tanner: “It’s like okay I’m going to have to have a new ceiling, you know all that, but you know, that’s what you have to go through, but always be prepared when warnings come.”

Kelley: “You seem very calm about this, is this something that when it first happened you were a little frantic?”

Tanner: “It’s the funniest thing. I used to be a teacher for 30 years, and I learned how to in any crisis I kind of just go with the flow, ‘okay it’s going to be alright,’ and, uh I think I told a friend about two hours ago that maybe I should have a beer.”

One thing that Anita Tanner kept telling NewsChannel 6 is that it’s just a miracle and a blessing that she’s alive.

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