Treatment facility decision continued


Green Meadows residents went before Commissioners to voice their strong opposition to having a drug treatment center in their neighborhood, a message some commissioners heard loud and clear. 

“The community is 100 percent against it, it doesn’t add any value to the community out there. The neighbors feel in many ways it depreciates their property values,” said Commissioner Ben Hasan.

“One of the things we do have to be conscious and aware of is the desire of the neighborhood, because they’re who we are here to serve,” said Commissioner Dennis Williams. 

The attorney for the Hale Foundation said they understood there are neighborhood concerns, and asked for a continuance until April 30th, so they could work on getting a new entrance, so workers would not have to drive through the neighborhood.

“I think there’s a little more information out there that Planning and Zoning and this applicant need to get together on,” said Commissioner Brandon Garrett. 

Commissioners could have followed the Planning Commission and rejected the application for the treatment center. Instead the continuance was approved, over the objections of many in the neighborhood. 

“This is an outrage, they’ve had months and months and months…they’ve owned the property for over two years. They don’t have enough votes in their pockets to get it passed and they want a continuance, they can’t get the extra entrance. This is just an outrage,” said Tracie Roe, who lives near the property.

“Commissioners could have killed it today what’s your reaction to allow this to continue?

“Today I am very disappointed. I’m not surprized however,” said Debbi Bunch another resident. 

Green Meadows resident Debbi Bunch said this is nothing against the Hale Foundation, adding ‘we think they do wonderful work, but we just wish they would do it some place else.’ 

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