Trash bags let behind after cleanup


Residents in one Augusta neighborhood are wondering why they’ve been left holding the bag. 

Over the last several days, dozens of gray trash bags have been placed on top of storm drains in the National Hills area.

The bags are filled with yard waste, not from people’s homes, but from debris collected by crews from the storm sewers. 

Some people living in those neighborhoods say, it’s been several days and its time to pick them up.

“Down by my house, there have been some there for a week or so. I didn’t notice today whether or not they were still there,” said Bill Ludlow. 

“Should the city leave them to be picked up later or should they go?”

“They need to pick them up as they fill them up. They’re an eyesore,” said Ludlow.  

Inmate crews are still cleaning in the neighborhood, but the Engineering Department had no details on when the work will be completed and the bags picked up. 

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