Traffic detoured, neighbors frustrated. We took their concerns to the city


Droves of cars and trucks now detoured off a major connector and re-routed through a local neighborhood. People who live in the area are frustrated by the traffic increase.

Belair Rd. is a connector between Wrightsboro Rd. and Jimmie Dyess Parkway. Belair Rd. is now blocked off to through traffic so drivers are re-routed through the subdivisions in the area.

On Friday, NewsChannel 6’s Ashley Osborne took neighbors’ concerns to the city to see if something can be done about the detour route.

Cory Owens took advantage of the slightly cooler temperatures on Friday to get some yardwork finished. He says because of the construction on Belair Rd. he has seen many more cars racing through his neighborhood.

“They’re going really fast.” Owens says the traffic flow in front of his house has increased drastically over the last few months. “500% I would say. There’s a constant flow of traffic going back and forth and if anybody parks on the street of course it narrows it down to just barely 2 lanes.”

Those using the neighborhood cut through to get to where they need to go say they understand why neighbors are annoyed.

“I can see why, it’s frustrating for me,” says one woman headed to visit her friend. “I’m so thrown off right now. I gotta figure out how to get to her street,” she continued.

Another man says the odd traffic patterns are worst in the mornings.

“When you gotta to go work in the morning, you gotta go, but this detour sometimes it throws you off a little bit,” he says.

We took their concerns to the City of Augusta. Traffic and Engineering Director John Usserey says they will reevaluate the current detour pattern and if they can make adjustments to help the residents, they will.

Despite the frustration, people who live and drive in the area are looking forward to the transformation on Belair Rd.

 “It’s ok, it’s better. At least kids will be able to walk down the sidewalk,” said one man passing through.

Owens agrees. “Sacrifices have to be made for the good of everything and so we don’t mind it for a while.”

Drivers are looking forward to the day when they can head back and forth between Wrightsboro Rd. and Jimmie Dyess Parkway using the Belair Rd. connector they are used to using.

“Ready for it to end. Been ready, yes.”

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