Town leaders approve a Notice of Intent to reduce the size of the Wagener fire district


WAGENER, S.C. (WJBF) – The push for a fresh start continues in Wagener. Monday, town council members unanimously approved a notice of intent to reduce the size of the Wagener fire district. Town leaders say this would make things more manageable.

“People have a hard enough time covering their own districts. Volunteers in this day and age are very hard to come by. I feel like that wouldn’t be a good idea to tax other volunteer departments with a larger district to cover,” said Wagener Volunteer Fire Department and Rescue Incorporated President Logan Musser.

Many people at the town council meeting said the town’s intention to terminate the fire detection services contract with Aiken County would leave people outside of the Wagener town limits fending for themselves.

Musser said, “We’re willing to sit down and talk with them and discuss how Wagener Volunteer Fire Department and Rescue Incorporated can take over the current fire situation we have.”

Wagener Volunteer Fire Department and Rescue Inc. is a state-accredited non-profit hoping to replace the suspended Wagner Fire Department. The group is seeking to have fire department resources and duties transferred to them. On Monday, Musser presented the idea for the second time to the Wagener Town Council.

He explained. “We’re going to able to offer adequate fire protection to the citizens of Wagener as well as the citizens in rural Wagener within the Wagner fire district.”

Representatives from Wagener Volunteer Rescue and Incorporated plan to discuss their fire department plan with the Aiken County Council on February 2.

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