AUGUSTA, Ga. (WJBF) — It’s something Augusta leaders agree on, applying to the state to get control of the county’s ambulance zone.

“For the past 8 years, that’s all I’ve heard we want the zone, we want the zone, here we got an opportunity to have the zone,” said Commissioner Wayne Guilfoyle.  

But Augusta needs help if it’s going to be granted the Ambulance Zone. It must be under contract with a qualified ambulance service provider.  

“We will have to have a provider in order to secure the zone, so that is to be forthcoming,” said Commissioner Bobby Williams.

More on Gold Cross:

The ambulance zone application process opens February 1, so to meet that deadline Augusta is planning to hold another vote next week to approve a multi-year contract with Gold Cross, but some supporters are worried after Tuesday’s failed vote.

“Some commissioners have said blatantly they will not vote for Gold Cross under any circumstances, and they will not allow the mayor to vote for Gold Cross under way circumstances so that being said it would be awfully difficult to get six votes,” said Commissioner Alvin Mason.

“It’s going to be very difficult as you can see, we’re very divided on this issue and frankly it’s going to be hard to get anything done,” said Commissioner Sean Frantom.

On Tuesday, it was commissioner Bobby Williams who abstained to prevent Mayor Johnson from breaking a tie in favor of a Gold Cross contract.

“Could you vote for Gold Cross?”
“Under the right circumstances,” said Commissioner Williams.
“I believe it will pass next time,” said Guilfoyle. 

 Another vote is coming on a Gold Cross ambulance contract. It could be another bumpy ride.