AUGUSTA, Ga. (WJBF) – For the Fourth of July holiday weekend plenty of people will be looking to celebrate. One of the more popular ways to celebrate is by shooting off your own fireworks.

Keg Creek Boom sells fireworks, and also helps customers who are looking to put on their own firework displays. They also want to make sure that customers are safe, and aware of their surroundings when using fireworks.

“I go through continuing training every year to make sure I’m being safe and I can teach others how to be safe on the Fourth of July, and then we have customers come in the store we always go over any kind of safety procedures we can to keep them out of danger,” said Daniel Hensley, Owner of Keg Creek Boom.

We asked the folks at Keg Creek Boom for any tips for if you’re planning to do your own firework display.

“The biggest advice I can give is always where close toed shoes. We see a lot of accidents where kids unsupervised, when they should always be supervised out in flip flops and sandals and they can get their feet burned. Always wear close toed shoes. When you get done with you fireworks, coat them in water. Douse them in water, make sure they’re out and wait til the next day to throw them away. Be responsible, keep the alcohol away from it, don’t look over the fireworks as you’re lighting them, and common sense and good judgment carry a long ways.” said Hensley.

Another to think about when dealing with fire works, are your neighbors, and the surrounding area.

“Of course supervise your children when you’re doing this stuff. A lot of people are doing what we call cul-de-sac shows, where they’re getting the neighborhood together and they’re shooting off fireworks. So what I really want you to do is make sure you’re aware of your fallout zone. Which is where the debris is going to fall and maybe some of the unexpended fireworks may come done. You don’t want to damage property or yourselves,” said Hensley.

Remembering safety tips can be the difference between having a good time, and a holiday gone wrong. Along with the safety tips, remember to be mindful of you neighbors, and their pets this Fourth of July.