AUGUSTA, Ga (WJBF)- “Tiny homes could fit anyone of any age bracket of any income bracket it’s an affordable option for housing especially in a market where housing is not as affordable as it once was” said District 1 commissioner, Jordan Johnson.

Tiny homes are becoming more popular across the country,  and Augusta’s District 1 commissioner Jordan Johnson says they could be put to good use in Augusta.

He says they could be used to provide more affordable housing options and help with the city’s homelessness problem.

“Savannah is a great model of how tiny homes can help the homeless, tiny homes village for veterans, homeless veterans, and so that’s a great model there and we can certainly replicate that in Augusta”

But first….The Augusta commission has to approve zoning changes.

“Our zoning ordinance won’t allow us to create tiny home villages sort of speak and so this item is just to go back and re-visit that ordinance to decide how we would like to craft it to allow for the creation of tiny homes in Augusta”

Commissioner Johnson pitched the item during Tuesdays public service committee meeting where it was approved.  The ordinance will go into review within the next month before it’s considered by the full commission.

“If the city does decide to start developing tiny homes which again that option is up in the air we have not any conversation about building tiny homes using city dollars but if we were to do that I would hope that we identify property that the city already owns somewhere tiny homes can benefit from development.”