“We’ve been open for about two weeks now and I would say close to 600 people have come by to see the houses,” says Allen Childs the owner of Tiny Homes of Georgia.

Allen Childs opened a tiny house dealership here in Augusta located at 1203 Greene street and it has sparked all the rage. With 400 square feet of space, nine different models and plenty of options to chose from. These tiny homes set the tone for a new way of living. 

“We’ve had medical students come by that are wanting affordable housing while they are in medical school here. We’ve had retirees come by that are looking for beach property or mountain property they can put a house in that’s affordable.”

 Affordability is something these tiny homes guarantee. 

“With the financing options that we have available it gives people the financial flexibility and freedom to own a high quality product like this move it to where ever they like,” says Christopher Pierson the Sales Manager. 

Some question utility hook-ups but there is a third party company that does all the set up. 

“A lot of the pieces of parcels and property are already ran for that, otherwise that’s something we simply get the power company and the sewer and water and septic and just stay in communication with them.”

Allen has sold two of these tiny homes to families down in panama city beach who are in need following the hurricane. Houses that may take years to rebuild. 

“This gives them that option. They can actually put this on their property where their house is going to be rebuilt.”

Allen and his partners meet with the county zoning and planing committees in hopes to bring these tiny homes to the problematic areas of Augusta.

Things came forward we now are able to go ahead and out tiny home communities in certain areas within the county. So we are very excited about that.”