AUGUSTA, Ga. (WJBF) — Tiny homes could be the answer to a big problem in Augusta, a shortage of housing.  

“We can capitalize off of the homeless, for veterans, for foster youth for women with children,” said Commissioner Jordan Johnson.

Commissioners approving a new ordinance that establishes guidelines for the development of tiny homes in certain areas, though voting for it, commissioners see potential problems.

“My concern is to just set this up, and have some form of accountability to the tenants, and maybe they never owned a home before, or putting them into a home that is significantly priced, the price is pretty high right now, it just gives us another tool in the toolbox is the way I look at it,” said Commissioner Sean Frantom.

“Now I know a lot of people sitting out there saying it’s a good thing, but we don’t want it near us so that will be a question when it comes forward,” said Mayor Pro-Tem Bobby Williams.

Jordan Johnson led the charge for tiny homes and feels commissioners need to give the new ordinance a chance.  

“So, I think we’re anticipating something instead of looking at this from the perspective of ‘Wow, we can actually change lives, the extra rhetoric is just distraction,’” said Johnson.  

Johnson says there are no developers stepping forward at this time with plans for tiny homes, but with this new ordinance the city is prepared when that does take place.