Augusta, Ga. (WJBF) – Augusta is home of the Masters, and certainly his play has been a thing of beauty, now some believe, it’s time this past champion gets his own work of art.  

 Tiger Woods last Masters win was inspiring, at least it inspired Augusta’s mayor Hardie Davis.

“This is unique opportunity for us as a city to take what Tiger has meant to the game, certainly to this city 2019 was special I would like to see the commission move forward with it,” said Davis.

Most are familiar with the golf statues at the Augusta Museum of History. 

There’s Bobby Jones, The King, Arnold Palmer, and the Golden Bear, and the mayor says it’s time for a statue of the Big Cat, Tiger Woods.  

“I’m excited about the idea, and the conversation of the big cat having a statue just like others, it’s long overdue in our city,” said Mayor Davis. 

“When you look at what Tiger Woods has meant to the game of golf what he has meant to young people of color,” Davis said.  

Commissioners -did not- approve the statues at the museum they were privately funded, so would they support a statue of Woods using city funds.   

“I would like to have one too of Tiger Woods. but we have to look at the money if somebody wants to write a check and put one down there, we could go along with that,” said Commissioner Dennis Williams. 

“Find ways to get donations to make that happen I don’t think it’s something I think the city could certainly put something into it but I don’t think we necessarily pay for it,” said Commissioner Alvin Mason.  

 But the mayor points out voters approved sales tax funding for gateway sculptures and public art.  

“These fits very nicely into it, it would not be a new process we’ve already done that. we set a side two million dollars I believe for gateway sculptures across the city of Augusta,” said Davis.

Right now, the idea is only in the concept state, but the mayor is hoping the commission will say yes sir to a Tiger Woods statue.