Through the looking glass: Thrive at Augusta finds a new way to talk to loved ones


AUGUSTA, Ga. (WJBF)- Human connection has been tested during these trying times.It’s tough to be so close but so far from your loved ones. Today, the need to make contact got a little easier.

A local home for seniors got a very special delivery.

Take a look through the looking glass. At Thrive at Augusta this is the best possible way for families to talk with their loved ones without being six feet a part and still staying safe.

Son of resident Audrey Earnest and first to have a looking glass visit, David Earnest, says, “hello there young lady. I just came by to see how you were doing!”

28 days Audrey Earnest was stuck between quarantine and isolation, not allowed to see her son, David or anyone else…

“Tough. It’s been rough to not come in here and see what she needs… Take care of the little things,” says Earnest.

Residents used to have FaceTime meetings to Window Chats. Now, the Founder of Thrive Senior Living introduced a new way for loved ones to connect…one that brought Audrey Earnest to tears.

“This is just one step closer and Thrive has done a wonderful job and getting the idea of the looking glass behind us, available for us,” says Earnest.

President of Thrive at August, Melita Winnick, says, “it’s a way for them to touch each others hands without actually touching. They could write notes and put them up on the glass.”

Words like “I love you” and “virtual hugs” from her son David, sets a big smile behind her protective gear.

“Hey, I’m giving a little bit back to mom that she’s given me throughout the years and given our family. She has been the backbone. The go-to person,” says Earnest.

And Thrive Senior Living is giving a little back to the both of them.

“This gives you the opportunity to really feel like your sitting right next to somebody or feel like you’re hugging them,” says Winnick.

Earnest described what this visit means to him.

He says, “human connection gives you the heartfelt joy and without the heartfelt joy it sort of empty, and with mother, she needs to be able to interact with people more so now than she has in the past because she is in a room by herself.”

There is a shelter in place order right now so in person visits aren’t allowed unless you’re bringing essential items.

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