Thomson-McDuffie Middle school student earns money to buy classmate new shoes


THOMSON, Ga. (WJBF) – One Thomson student’s act of kindness has a lot of people talking.

Da’Ryan Howard is a student at Thomson-McDuffie Middle School.

Every day, Da’Ryan sells bottled water and sports drinks to earn some extra money.
Recently, he used that money to help out a classmate.

“A kid that was wearing cleats to school every day and I just tried to help him out a little bit and buy him a pair of shoes; and, so I asked him what his size was and as soon as I left school I put my book bag down and went to the store and bought them and then the next day I went to school and I went to his classroom and handed them to him,” said Da’Ryan.

It wasn’t long before news of Da’Ryan’s good deed made its way to teachers and faculty.

“Most of us were like, ‘Wow, that is just awesome that we got a kid that’s sympathetic and that’s worried about his fellow man.’ I just thought it was really cool,” said Principal Barry Joiner.

Da’Ryan wasn’t looking for any special recognition, but the school wanted to give him a shout out and posted the story to social media. The response was far more than anyone expected.

“I’ve got people from different parts of the country, aside from news channels, just individuals reaching out wanting to do things to help Da’Ryan to provide him with Gatorade,” said Joiner.

“You should try to help people because you don’t know if they’re down or if they’re going through something,” said Da’Ryan.

Da’Ryan has stayed humble, even with all the attention he’s received. He says he just wants to continue doing what he can to help others.

“I want to give away free shoes when we go back to school around August,” said Da’Ryan.

“We heard the story and most of us were like, ‘don’t look at me…couldn’t make eye contact for a minute because it was such a touching story and he’s a super kid…super heart…and it renewed my faith in kids and humanity to see something like this,” said Joiner.

Da’Ryan’s story is something he hopes inspires others to help those in need.

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