Thomson community prays for those involved in deadly crash


The Thomson community came together at First United Methodist Church in a time of prayer after a fatal crash that happened Monday morning (July 15, 2019).

The crash happened in Wilkinson County.

Pastor Robby Brannen and the congregation spoke these words: “With your healing hand, with your comfort, your grace, your peace, your love.”

The church was filled with love, mourning the deaths of two people and praying for four others who were injured.

“Down toward Macon the kids had been in a wreck. There were some deaths and lots of injuries,” says Pastor Brannen.

Six people in one car were struck by a tractor trailer. The wreck killed 35-year-old Ashley Bales Reed, and her daughter, 13-year-old, Summer Grace Matherly.

Cheerleading Coach and Art Teacher at Thomson High School, Tina Swann, says, “one of my cheerleaders said it best today. ‘We got to just let God handle this. He knows everything. He knows what we’re doing, or what he’s doing. He knows what needs to happen and we have to let go and let G-d.'”

The other four passengers are seriously injured.

“In a community where sometimes you feel like you’re so divided, and you have all these people came together for these four young ladies that are fighting so hard to come back to this community. That’s the best thing about being in this small town,” says Swann.

The congregation came together and sang the hymn, “Amazing Grace.”

Of the four injured, there are two Thomson High School cheerleaders, that Tina Swann thought of as her own.

“They were a ball of energy, a ray of sunshine,” says Swann.

“I do know that the nights are tough, dark, and all you hear are the sounds of those machines, but to have somebody come in and take your hand and say ‘are you going to be alright?’ means the world,” says Pastor Brannen.

Family, friends, teachers, and co-workers praying for the survivors to recover.

“When they realized this many people gathered for them, that this group, this town was coming together for them, that’s what’s going to help them,” says Pastor Brannen.

Two of the girls injured are recent Thomson high school graduates. Their cheer coach Tina Swann, says they are thinking of wats for the community to help.

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