Thomas Ridge break-ins threaten young teens future


 A warning tonight about how burglaries can threaten a young person’s future.  
 Newschannel 6’s spoke with one victim who says she’s living what feels like a “never ending nightmare.”

“Instead of playing hide and go seek and tag and chasing each other around they’re breaking in houses,” says Dominique Fant whose apartment was vandalized. 

Dominique Fant lives in Thomas Ridge apartments and in the course of a year, her apartment has been broken into twice. She says young teens are to blame for the break in because of the time of day and what they steal. 

“They are Jordans and stuff like that of course, but there’re still sneakers. Adults aren’t breaking into your homes stealing shoes,”says Fant.

But she says what they stole the first time has left her fearful.

“The gun was in my safe, fully loaded one in the chamber no safety on it and we found the safe broken in the middle of the road,” says Fant.

That gun was recovered and she’s waiting on it to be returned to her by the Sheriff’s Office.

“But as a mom, I was also alarmed this kid could of shot his own face off and that’s completely dangerous.”

That aprtment complex falls right into the zip code where law enforcement completed Operation 3-0-9-0-6.  Newschannel 6 told you back in October that 27 arrests were made for some of these same issues. Fant says she wants to move out of the area.

“I can’t go to work, if I go to work I have to worry about if someone is in my home, I’m constantly looking at my camera.”

She says as a parent it’s hard to digest the fact that these kids do not see the harm they’re doing to there future just to fit in. 

“These kids need some positive motivation these parents need to provide more structure, they really need to be involved into what they’re kids are doing and try to stir them out of this direction,” says Fant.

Fant’s landlord has agreeded to move her into a different apartment while she looks for a new place to live.

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