AUGUSTA, G.A. (WJBF) – One local woman is cracking down on petty crimes in the Summerville area one click at a time. She created a website after she fell victim to a petty crime. I spoke with her today about what she hopes this website will do for her community.

“This was the quickest way for me to be able to do something,” said Summerville resident Sara Johnson.

Johnson is new to the Summerville area. She’s renovating her home and a few days ago she learned quickly that crime happens everywhere.

Johnson says, “My house was broken into early Monday morning. About 35 to 40 power tools were taken in addition to my lawnmower, my lawnmower battery and charger, two shop vacs.”

Her ID, credit cards, and renovation binder were also taken.

“I’m not really one to wait around for somebody else to fix something and obviously no one is going to care about my things as much as I do,” she said.

After reporting the crime to law enforcement, she started her own investigation by knocking on neighbor’s doors and talking to construction crews in the area.

She says, “I discovered that there were a lot of construction sites hit time and time again, and that just didn’t sit well with me.”

“There wasn’t that much of a coordinated response. Even just neighborhood notification, because that’s a large component to identifying people who are suspects in a crime,” she said.

That led her to create this site.

“I tried to create something that was easier for people to access, where they could post security footage and coordinated details about various crimes,” she said.

And she turns all of that information over to the Richmond County Sheriff’s Office. She started the site with her own experience posting videos like this showing the alleged suspect making off with her power tools.

She says, “I know that he carried a rolling city issued trash can so that it didn’t squeak up the hill he crossed the intersection and brought the trash can up to my house and loaded it up and rolled my tools off.”

“If it’s accurate it’s great, but if it’s just promoting fear, a lot of people like to do that now a days,” said David Harris who lives in Summerville.

Some neighbors worry the website might implicate the wrong people.

“We have police and law enforcement for a reason, so I think we gotta remember innocent until proven guilty,” said Patrick Wells a resident in Summerville.