BAMBERG, SC.. (WJBF) — It was a cleanup effort in the Colston community in Bamberg, South Carolina, following a tornado that stuck here Tuesday evening.

“I’m thinking this is surreal; this is my last day on earth, our last day on earth,” Juanisha Sease told NewsChannel 6’s Aiken Bureau Chief Shawn Cabbagestalk about the recent weather event in Bamberg. “We prayed the whole time,” she added.

Sease says her fiancée was the one who warned her about what was coming their way. “I was standing on the porch and I heard it coming,” Willie Moody recalls. “It did sound like three helicopters. Then I saw fog come all the way back here. I couldn’t see the cars through the fog, then it got warm. I ran in the house, and got in the bathtub,” he added.

NewsChannel 6 got a look inside the damaged home after a hole was covered with a tarp. It took a while for their family to escape from the damage. There was also extensive damage to several of their cars.

NewsChannel 6 got a look inside the damaged home after a hole was covered with a tarp.

“It was about 11, 12 o’clock before they could get to us,” Sease recalled. “[Emergency officials were] constantly working, so we just stayed there until this morning. We could really look at everything and see what we needed to do,” he added.

Sease’s uncle was also at home — in the backyard inside his father’s old truck when the weather event unfolded. “I start to get out,” he remembers. “But the wind picked the truck up. They picked it up about six feet in the air and it dropped back down. So I was still afraid to get out the truck. So when the wind blowing and I bail out the truck,” he added.

Shawn asked him, “Will you be sitting in the truck anymore? ” “Well, you know, actually I did back in that truck this morning,” he said.

Family, friends, and strangers help with the cleanup Wednesday. For now, the family will head to a hotel to figure out their next steps. “We have a lot of debris,” Juanisha Sease said. “We have to get construction done to our house. We have a lot of water damage inside of our home,” she added.

Crews are still working to restore power in the area.

“I’m just thankful,” Juanisha Sease said. It’s an eye-opener for me. I thank God for saving our life. Giving me another chance. This is actually my third chance because my second chance, I just received a kidney less than a year ago,” she added.

The community is looking for constructors or anyone else who can help during this time; contact Juanisha Sease at (803) 671-0029. She does have social media, “but the internet is horrible at this time,” she said.