Thief steals nearly 30 catalytic converters from vehicles at Columbia County business


EVANS, Ga. (WJBF) – A thief is wanted and a business owner is offering a reward in Columbia County after several catalytic converters were stolen from his property.

“I can’t tell you how many people I’ve talked to that when I mention what’s happened they know one or two that’s had the same thing. Their church or car dealership,” said Richard Fender.

Augusta RV is now on that list of places in the CSRA that have had catalytic converters stolen from vehicles on their property.

Fender said, “Stole roughly somewhere around 30 catalytic converters from these units. This has really hurt a lot of people in many ways.”

Fender is the owner of Augusta RV and says a man cut the security fence at his business last week, sawed-off catalytic converters from more than 15 RVs, and hasn’t been seen since.

He explained, “We feel that it was a sole individual. As we saw him one video climb up under a motor home a minute, twenty-six seconds he had already cut the catalytic converter out and came right back from under it. It was amazing how quickly he did that.”

From Fender’s surveillance video, the suspect appears to be a white male, wearing black pants and a black long sleeve shirt.

“At this time we’ve been unable to get anything that’s really as good as an identifiable face,” said Fender.

From what Fender understands, the thief can get about $100 per catalytic converter.

Fender said, “He’ll make about $3,000 and it’s going to cost about $30,000 to repair that.”

One big question for Fender is where can the perp sell the converters, especially in their sawn sawed-off condition.

He said, “Difficult for me to believe that a scrap yard anywhere in Augusta is going to accept that. I found out that this is such a bad problem Columbia County has an investigator that’s assigned to doing nothing but catalytic converter thefts.”

Fender added security is being beefed up at Augusta RV and he’s offering $500 to anyone who has information about the suspected thief. If you do, call Augusta RV at (706) 855-5220 or the Columbia County Sheriff’s Office (706) 541-2800

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