COLUMBIA COUNTY, Ga. (WJBF) – Traffic congestion off one I-20 exit, becoming a safety concern for drivers.

Columbia county drivers say while the county is continuing to grow some of the infrastructures like the roads are lagging. They say construction off exit 183 is an issue, but it’s only one part of the problem.

“I don’t travel that way, just due to traffic.”

“Absolutely, it’s dangerous, it’s a risk to people’s lives,” said Brittany Johnson, a driver that just came off of the exit.

“I noticed a line on the left-right there off of the interstate, it tremendously long,” said Ricky Channel, a driver who uses the exit daily.

Drivers are describing the problems they face when getting off exit 183 on I-20.

“It takes someone to be, as Jesus would do, be compassionate enough to let someone out, but if you let someone out, then everybody else is going to want to get out,” said Channel.

“They don’t have enough space for people to get off on the exit either you widen it or they need to do some more construction,” said Jones.

But when it comes to the construction that’s already ongoing, there’s no end in sight.

“It won’t be ending on time, what we thought was going to be July, but as to when it’s actually going to end they’re still working that out,” said Penny Brooks, G-DOT TIA Communications.

Penny Brooks with G-DOT says workers are still in the early stages of a project that will add roundabouts to the exit ramps.

Brooks says, “What they’re currently doing is making sure that the new bridge which has just been constructed and the old bridge are going to be tied in properly to Appling-Harlem Road.”

Once that’s finished, they can move into the last major phase of the project, which is putting those roundabouts in. The roundabouts are going to be where the exit and entrance ramps connect to Appling Harlem road. So, when people get off and on I20 they’ll be going through a roundabout. Columbia County commissioner Dewey Gayleas says once the construction wraps up that could rid a lot of drivers of the constant stop and go.

“People I think are just fed up with it and I am with them,” said Commissioner Dewey Galeas.

Commissioner Galeas says he’s made formal complaints to the Georgia Department of Transportation about the delayed construction, but he says it’s not just the construction causing the congestion. He also points to the Amazon fulfillment center.

He says “I would never call it a mistake, I would say that it has perhaps caused some unforeseen problems.”

Galeas says that construction should have been done before the Amazon Fulfillment Center came here.
He urges people to make G-DOT aware of their concerns.

He mentioned the contacts below:

  • GDOT    
  • GDOT District 2                
  • Project              
  • Project staff