The Salvation Army of Augusta holding drive for pillows, blankets, and towels


AUGUSTA, Ga. (WJBF) – The Salvation Army of Augusta is looking to the community for help.
The Center of Hope needs pillows, blankets, and towels.

“People coming in don’t have those things readily available. So, we need those in order to make it to where they’re able to feel comfortable and sleeping and getting some rest in the evening,” said Captain Jonathan Raymer.

The Kroc Center is holding a drive to get enough items so they can have them readily available.
If you were to say something to someone who’s watching at home, what would you say to get them to come out here and donate?

“The need is great and we, of course, want to help as best we can all those who are in need and we cannot do that without people like you,” said Captain Raymer.

People can drop off their supplies to the Kroc Center or at the Center of Hope.

“It’s funny how little things that we take for granted in every day life. It’s funny how those little things, when we give those in gratitude to people and give those fully to them with nothing expected in return, how they give such a blessing back by their appreciation and their gratitude towards that. It’s quite amazing,” said Raymer.

For more on how you can help the Salvation Army of Augusta, CLICK HERE.

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