AUGUSTA, GA. (WJBF)- “I need to do something, something needs to be done. We physically need to put our hands on the situation and stop being so lazy and care about it,” Gabriela Berry said.  

People filled the streets in downtown Augusta. 

Many young lives have been taken due to gun violence and some teens have just had enough.

“The significance of this for me are my classmates. Since I graduated– every year since I graduated I lost a classmate. I graduated from Lucy Craft Laney and every year I lost a classmate.”

People from all parts of Georgia told us, the issue is not just in the CSRA. 

“But I know that we need to do a lot more to make sure our communities are safe for the people that are living there, for people like– people like me– that wanna make sure that our folks are safe and not subjected to the violence in the neighborhood,” Elton Jobes said.

Mayor Garnett Johnson spoke at the end of the march to encourage people to keep up their work.

From Dyess to May park people chanted out “Stop The Violence” making sure that it was known throughout. 

“Bottom line is I’m out here to help our community, to just kind of, um, see that there’s some positive benefit in the people– people that care enough to come out and try to support,” Jobes said.