The Kroc Center doesn’t typically house the homeless. Things change, as they prepped its center to become a shelter for dozens of people wanting to keep warm.

The Center of Hope had an electrical fire last week. Because of the damage, The Salvation Army of Augusta had to evacuate 172 homeless men, women and children.

A local organization in downtown Augusta is opening its doors to make sure those people stay warm during the chilling week.

“We appreciate the staff of the Kroc Center,” said the social service director, Zenia Negron. “They have been so helpfully, not only towards of the social services department but they are letting our clients feel comfortable.”

The Center of Hope is still without any electricity and is closed until further notice.

“If we need to stay here at The Kroc Center for one more week than that’s what we will do,” said Negron. “Of course, if it’s going to take longer, then we will look at other options in the community where we can go.”

A mother of three told NewsChannel 6 reporter Devin Johnson, it has been a rough couple of days.

“It was scary because we didn’t know where we are going to sleep or what was going to happen,” said Michelle Tyler. “Still every day we don’t know what’s coming next.”

Thanks to The Kroc Center’s generosity, she says her family is lucky to have a warm place to sleep.

“I teach my kids how to be grateful and thankful for the smaller things,” explained Tyler. “So, therefore, I’m not going to complain.”

The Salvation Army of Augusta is also asking the community for help.

“I will be very helpful if we can get breakfast items; pastries, cereals, and milk,” said Negron. “Things that are easier for us to serve, and for our clients to carry.”

All donations can be made at the Salvation Army Kroc Center on Broad Street.

The shelter will be open for those seeking refuge after hours.