AUGUSTA, Ga. (WJBF)- You’ve seen the giant cup for decades, right here on Wrightsboro Road. But now, more than 75 years since the factory was first built, the iconic structure is getting a makeover. 

The building has seen the likes of Dart Container Corporation, the Fort Howard Paper Company, and the Lily Tulip Company occupy its space over the years. But the 40-foot cup has stood tall since 1947. 

And now that renovations are on the horizon, one of the contributors is excited to take part in something that’s needed to be done for a long time.

“I pass by this thing almost every single day, and I’m like ‘Wow, yeah it’s blank’. It’s been white for as long as I can remember,” said Addison Nidday.

Nidday is a local mural artist who is in charge of creating a mural that will go on the outside of the cup.

He’s done 27 murals before, but this will be his first time taking on a cylinder shape like the cup. Nevertheless, he’s got a plan for a challenge he’s excited for. 

“It’s something that, I think everybody around the entire area as soon as they see it, they’ll instantly recognize it as very historic, playful, fun and colorful,” Niday said.

On top of the cup, the inside of the building has renovations coming as well.

Hock Development Company-a local contracting business in Augusta-bought the building in 2020, and according to their VP and property manager, the mural is part of a bigger plan.

“We’re in the business of putting new life into properties in the Augusta area that served other purposes in the past. And now, they are sort of retooled to be able to create jobs and opportunities for people that live in Augusta,” said John Hock.

According to Hock, the other renovations include 9 updated loading docks, newly designed Class-A office space, and a new roof system.

With all things considered, Hock anticipates everything to be finished comfortably by the end of this year.