The future for Lake Olmstead Stadium


It’s been taken out of the ballgame, and city officials estimate to get Lake Olmstead in top  shape for a  new future the city needs to spend some money  fixing it up.  

 “The estimate we gave them yesterday was a half million dollars so we’ll go back and put the specifics on that half million what that looks like then the decision is what do we do going forward,” says Recreation and Parks Director Glenn Parker. 

Without a minor league baseball team it is the question  for Lake Olmstead what should the city do with it

“An Amphitheater something similar to what they have in charlotte or Atlanta or Lakewood or Wolf Creek one that’s big enough to accomodate  nice outside events,” says Commissioner Andrew Jefferson. 

City officials say a refurbished Lake Olmstead could accomodate  events as an Amphitheater, but say to make it top notch  would come with a big price tag. 

“We estimate if we go to zero to 100  meaning  a fully functional with all the bells and whistles it’s going to look at about ten million dollars,” says Takiyah Douse, Director of Central Services.

“Anything you want like that it’s going to be a cost we know it’s not going to be free we already own that piece of property it’s not like we have to go out and acquire property,” said Commissioner Andrew Jefferson.

But others believe the city try and partner with someone who wants the stadium for baseball, because there isn’t the money for maintenance much less building an amphitheater 
“I don’t see how an amphitheater the cost of it and revitalization of it how we’re going to have the money to do it,” says Commissioner Sean Frantom.


 “Possibly could be an option what are we going to do in the meantime where are we going to find 200 to 300 thousand dollars to maintain it until a SPLOST vote,” said Frantom.

 The next   step will be or Recreation and the Central Services Department to come back to commissioners   with a detailed list of the exact cost of repairs to put the lake back in shape  with the possibility it could be hosting some concert events later in the fall.

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