The fifth annual Par Tee On The Green gets locals downtown Augusta on Masters week


One of Augusta’s newest traditions is back. It’s a Par Tee for all ages at the Augusta Common.

Logistics Coordinator for Garden City Jazz, Kigwana Cherry, says, “today is the greatest dance party in Augusta.”

It’s a five year tradition, bringing locals and golf fans on Masters week down to the Augusta Common to “Par Tee” On the Green.

“We have different performer that are coming in from the community. We have arts, we have various vendors, and pretty much just something for the community to be a part of during Masters week,” says Cherry.

The party has local dance groups teaching zumba, ballroom, and even swing dancing.

“It’s a great place to dance, even if you don’t have any rythm, somebody next to you probably doesn’t and it just looks great,” Cherry laughed.

The newest knockout for Par Tee On the Green is Knockerball.

Knockerball Augusta LLC’s  Dereck Rodriguez, says, “We are trying to bring something new to the city, something people haven’t seen before, and when we found Knockerball, we knew that it was going  to be a hit in Augusta.”

Getting people out of the golf course and onto the green, local businesses say it’s perfect for networking.

“We’re just an affiliate in the Augusta Area, so for us to showcase that, for people to go back to their city’s and hometowns and try it out, I mean that’s the ultimate goal for me,” says Rodriguez.

Cherry agrees. He says,”just trading phone numbers, or just running into somebody and you happen to spark up a conversation, this is the best way to do it.”

All of the proceeds of the event goes towards different programs in the area.

“That’s what we want to continue. We want to make sure that we are culturing– fostering that excellence of arts inside of the community,” says Cherry.

The event was a success on a beautiful day.

“The sun is out, it’s a wide open area, the Augusta Common is a great place for everybody to actually meet and congregate,” says Cherry.

We can’t forget that it is spring break for kids, and since the event was all ages… it was a great way to get the family together this evening.

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