The fate of the 40-plus neglected horses in Grovetown are one step closer to a brighter future


NewsChannel 6 has told you the story about the horses reported neglected in Grovetown. With the owner facing animal cruelty charges, the horses and other animals living on the property may soon be removed.

Jose Ramon Reveron-George appeared in court Friday. District Attorney Natalie Paine says he admitted, 25 of the horses were not his and were brought in from other states.

Reveron-George explained in court he is a trainer, that is the reason for so many horses.

Judge Ashley Wright ruled the horses be kept at the property for at least 10 days until the potential owners of the horses claim them.


Horse rescuer Tina Pondy sat in the ruling today, she says she’s not buying that he trains horses.

“They have to have a Coggins Report for every single horse, that is law,” said Pondy. “It will prove ownership because a Coggins will have a description or even a picture of every single horse, along with the name of the owner.”

Paine told NewsChannel 6 reporter Devin Johnson the goal now is to get the horses relinquished from Reveron-George. Then they will be moved to rescue groups rather than being adopted due to safety concerns.

“I hope that he does relinquish the horses,” explained Pondy. “I think that what they are going to find are the horses are not his and lied under oath.”

A spokeswoman for Columbia County Commission-Council tells me animal services will continue providing fresh food and water for the horses until Reveron-George’s next court date.

More than 40 horses reported neglected in Grovetown

Pondy says she hopes the horses will be moved to locations that can take care of them.

“I would like to see them go to different rescues,” said Pondy. “There isn’t a single rescue that can take them all. There is a rescue organization out in Atlanta that has six or seven rescues that they work with.”

Reveron-George will appear in court 14 days from now. During the hearing, the judge will decide what to do with the horses. 

Photojournalist: Antony Sherrod

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