The district four community sounds off on the allegations on Augusta Commissioner Sammie Sais


HEPHZIBAH (WJBF) — The fallout continues from the explosive allegations made against Augusta commissioner Sammie Sias by former Jamestown summer camp coordinator, Willa Hilton.

Hilton sent a letter to commissioners after she was fired from her job at Jamestown. In it, she lists serious allegations against Sias — including pocketing tax dollars, mistreating children, sexual harassment and having alcohol, a loaded gun, and watching pornography at the center. Recreation officials say they are investigating and, for the time being, Sias is out at Jamestown.

The community believes Sias also should step down as commissioner of the fourth district until after the investigation.

“I don’t pay no money to send her the military,” said Harold Cody. “She didn’t go but one day, and the next day I took her out. Because he was hollering at me and I’m a grown person, you don’t holler at me.”

Cody’s five-year-old daughter was enrolled in the summer program at Jamestown Community Center. He says he witnessed some cruelty to children and took his daughter out of the program.

“You got two little kids the room dark changing clothes, He telling them y’all hurry up, y’all hurry up and change clothes we got to go,” said Cody. “This is not a daycare, that is boot camp style.”

Hilton also accuses Sias of taking thousands of SPLOST dollars, drinking on the job, and sexual harassment. Leisha Williams lives in the commissioner’s district. She says she’s disappointed in the person she voted for.

“But allegations as far as sexual misconduct, having alcohol and the children, that’s a tough case,” explained Williams. “If you did those things I have no respect for you anymore.”

Williams told NewsChannel 6 reporter, Devin Johnson the allegations reflect poorly on Sias and district four.

“You’re taking the money we want to you use to improve the area so we won’t always say southside is bad,” said Williams. “It is not a bad area, but you’re making it look bad with these allegations.”

She says there are always two sides to every story, but —

“Everybody doesn’t always makeup what they say,” said Williams. “If another parent says he witnesses something, I have to stand behind that parent at this time.”

Commissioner Sias says the allegations are lies, and he will hold a press conference on Friday afternoon at three to address the accusations. Right now the sheriff’s office has not received a formal complaint.

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