The County Chair and Developer comment on River Island apartment complex


An update from the tense Columbia County commission meeting involving neighbors and a proposed new development.

The county’s Commission Chair said that the commission was impressed with the turnout last night, however, zoning for the project has been approved for years.

If plans for the apartment complex pass all levels of review, the county will do what it can to make sure the project follows county rules.

robert spessert: “safety concerns, traffic concerns, but you also need to look at the environmental concerns.”

one by one, columbia county neighbors  spoke against pre-approved zoning for a new apartment complex across from the river island neighborhood on blackstone camp road. commission chair doug duncan says the site plan has already been submitted and has gone through the first round of reviews a decision, moving forward, many homeowners are not happy with.

tanya wells “i think it is going to cause more police to be on duty, and right now it’s making me think of putting my house on the market.”

southeastern development associates sent newschannel six a statement saying “the construction will match that of the river island neighborhood across the street and the apartments will be smaller than those of a normal development including a private garage with respected landscaping.”

tanya wells “i don’t think they thought it out right, i don’t think it is zoned for that much activity.”

so, as the developers might be delighted with residents like william gordon.

william gordon “i have no complaints, i have no complaints.”

most people are worried about school capacity and who will be living there.

robert spessert: “in the 2020 book plan and the 2025 plan, there is nothing on there of future use maps that says, there is going to be multi-family housing or residential.”

developers say  residents will fall into 3 categories: professional couples, active retirees or relatives of river island residents.

tanya wells “please consider the residents that live here already, and the kind of traffic that you are going to bring into our area. it’s not fair.”

southeastern development associates say that not one individual opposed to the plan called them to discuss the complex.
chair — doug duncan — told newschannel six that he advises concerned citizens to speak with developers as well.

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