The city of Grovetown voted on a recommendation to rezone 45 properties south of Robinson Avenue


The city of Grovetown voted on a recommendation to rezone 45 properties south of Robinson Avenue. However, some of the residents living in the area are opposed to the change.

In Tuesday’s public hearing, the planning and zoning committee discussed their plan to expand Grovetown.

Grovetown’s City Administrator, John Waller says two years ago they recommended to the city council to approve a moratorium against multi-family residential development.

“We look at high-density housing, and we want to make sure the surrounding infrastructure, the roads, the, and sidewalks can accommodate all that extra growth,” said Waller.

The city leaders looked at rezoning several locations, but two mobile home parks caused concerns for residents.

“That particular parcel is being recommended to be rezoned as multi-family which allow apartments or townhomes,” explained Waller.

One resident says changing the area to multi-family homes from single homes will bring more cars on the road.

“They got traffic messed up in Grovetown already,” said Eli Ford. “I don’t see where they are going to build up this 27 acres right here in the center of Grovetown without messing it up more.”

Ford tells me rezoning the area doesn’t benefit him or the people living next to him.

“It comes up to my back fence,” said Ford. “I hope they put a retention pond or something. I’m not looking forward to having 500 people behind me.”

The city administrator says people living in the recommend rezoning areas will not be forced to move for development reasons.

“There is no intent to displace anybody,” explained Waller. “The people living there can live there as long as they like.”

The planning commission declined to recommend rezoning the two mobile home parks from single to multi-family homes.

Photojournalist: Antony Sherrod

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