AUGUSTA, Ga. (WJBF) – In 2021, Augusta was selected to receive $450,000 for the Choice Neighborhoods Planning Grant, rebuilding properties near Harrisburg, Laney Walker, and the Allen home community.

Allen Homes is expected to be turned into an apartment complex.

“From a landmass perspective, we can easily get more units if we go up versus  if we continue  horizontally if was more so that fact we wanted to do the one-to-one requirement” said Takiyah Douse, City interim Administrator.

Those who currently live in Allen homes will not have to move immediately.

“the beauty of the project is the plan development is not on site so residents wont have to move they won’t have to live in a construction zone when the new site is completed then they will be able to mass move at that time” said Douse.

People who live in the Allen home community say they’re excited about the transition.

“This meeting right here this really does it they letting us where we going, this was very good” said Michelle Franklin, Allen Home Resident

The city is also considering taking ownership of other properties in the area.

“first Augusta has to submit our transformation plan that’s due November 22nd once we do that we will ensure we’re able to secure ownership of all of our sites we talked about today Lamar Elementary school as well as the canal property” said Douse.

The project is still in the planning stages and will take about 18 months to complete.