The Children’s Hospital of Georgia is expanding


Just like the patients it serves, The Children’s Hospital of Georgia is growing.

On Monday, NewsChannel 6’s Ashley Osborne sat down with Augusta University’s President Dr. Brooks Keel to talk about the expansion.

“We have literally outgrown our facility here,” says Dr. Keel about the hospital that was built 20 years ago. “That’s a good thing because what that means is that the caring we give here has expanded well beyond what we originally thinking when we built this hospital.”

The new tower will go where the current round about is and a new entrance will face Harper St.

“Wee are beginning to have a vision, a planning process to see what the next generation of the Children’s Hospital of Georgia will be and we’re really really excited about what that’s going to look like,” says Dr. Keel.

The new tower will provide more space for the neonatal intensive care unit or NICU and CHOG’s first pediatric cardiac critical care unit.

“Anybody who has had a relative who has had a heart attack understands the special care and need that those patients need,” Dr. Keel points out. “When you talk about our youngest patients, our most vulnerable patients, who have serious cardiac issues, you want to have the very best care and the very best environment that you can provide.”

The expansion will also be home to CHOG’s first pediatric bone marrow transplant unit.

“When you have the Georgia Cancer Center right here in Augusta as well and the Children’s Hospital of Georgia, we have an opportunity to provide that sort of care for pediatric patients who are in desperate need of bone marrow transplants, especially some of our pediatric cancer patients,” Dr. Keel explains.

The new facility will also provide additional specialized training for future doctors.

“The opportunity for a medical student or a resident to be able to see the things that we do here, to be able to see those experts in pediatric issues, and to be able to get training for them, you just can’t find that anywhere else other than Atlanta in this particular state,” Dr. Keel says.

The expansion coming soon to CHOG dedicated to helping the youngest and most vulnerable patients.

“We literally save lives every single day,” says Dr. Keel. “It’s very humbling to walk through these halls and see the patients we have here and see the families that we impact and to know, especially in the Children’s Hospital that we’re impacting little small lives that are one day going to grow up and transform the world.”

Dr. Keel says they are still in the planning phase so they are working on the timeline and the cost. They expect to have those details next year.

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