AUGUSTA, Ga. (WJBF)Le Chat Noir is getting ready to host the 8th Black Cat Picture Show.

The Black Cat Picture Show is an international, adjudicated, Independent film festival that receives films from all around the world.

The films are scored by judges, and the prizes are given out after the films are screened.

The film festival has grown so much over the years, the folks at Le Chat had to add more categories and screening dates.

“We have documentaries, short narratives, we’ve got a couple of features in there, some animation,” said Executive Director, Krys Bailey.

Last year the Black Cat Picture Show partnered with with film studio A24 to have “The Green Knight” headline its opening night. This year that relationship will continue, and another A24 film will be at the festival.

The Black Cat Picture Show is a great chance for locals to see films that wouldn’t normally make it to the area.

It’s also a great chance for the film community to network with fellow filmmakers from around the globe.

“If you’re a film buff, this year we have an unprecedented amount of filmmakers coming to the festival. So not only do you get to see the film, but you get to talk to the person who made it, and I mean they’re coming from all over the states and some are coming from international locations,” said Bailey.

The Black Cat Picture Show should be a good time whether you’re a filmmaker or if you enjoy a day at the movies. The event is happening August 18th through the 21st.