AUGUSTA, Ga. (WJBF) – Donico Allen is an artist like no other. He has autism and has been doing art since he was seven years old.

His specialty is crafting classic pop culture figures out of pipe cleaners.

“I like to make creative contributions to honor my iconic idols. I’ve done a number of Disney characters, I’ve done Marvel, I have also done Ghostbusters, I’ve also done Golden Girls,” said Allen.

The list goes on.

A few years ago Donico received a lot of attention when he did 60 pipe cleaner figures of Michael Jackson for what would’ve been the musician’s 60th birthday.

Donico’s passion for art and pop culture has earned him the nickname “The Autistic Artist,” a name he is very proud of. He hopes all of his success inspires others.

“I do this kind of thing because it’s a profound message to people who have or don’t have autism and it is a very profound message and it’s our ability to not let anyone stop us,” said Allen.

Donico’s birthday is right around the corner and this year he wanted to do something special. He made pipe cleaner figures of the cast of the movie “Sister Act” because it was released on the day he was born.

“I’ve watched it so many times growing up, even as a child, I watched it numerous times because it makes me feel connected to people’s messages,” said Allen.

Donico Allen’s Art has helped him become the man he is today and he hopes his story inspires others with autism to reach for the stars.

“Just keep pushing yourself to be tough, keep on pushing and you will really get there. Autistic artists, never stop doing what you love, fight for what you believe in,” said Allen.