“Testing Positive”, an Augusta church spreads a community wide message


Augusta, Ga. (WJBF) – In a world that seems so negative right now, hearing something positive can be just what we need. Stevens Creek Church in Augusta is taking that a step further by “Testing Positive”.

It’s a message of hope and positivity that Dr. Marty Baker of Stevens Creek Church is trying to spread.

“I am encouraging our congregation to be a positive force in this community so that we can change the culture one person at a time,” said Dr. Marty Baker, Lead Pastor at Stevens Creek Church.

A culture that has been plagued with a pandemic and fear of the unknown.

“I feel like it’s important to always have faith over fear. And realize that God will help you walk through this challenge, this problem, this difficulty that you may be facing,” said Dr. Baker.

But it’s not just a Sunday sermon that the Creek is using to promote the power of positivity throughout the CSRA.

“Every day we put out 60 seconds of positivity. And we want those words to be shared so that throughout the community we can have that daily reminder of being positive,” said Dr. Baker.

Across the city, thousands are being challenged to do something positive for someone else, and wear this Testing Positive bracelet as a reminder.

“we use the words ‘Testing Positive’ because sometimes it is a test, to be positive,” said Dr. Baker.

“I believe that with Christ we can see the world changed, one person at a time. We can look at possibilities and not necessarily just look at the problems,” said Dr. Baker.

We don’t know what our world will look like moving forward, but we do know this, we have the power with our words to change the way people think.

“I believe that things are going to get better. And in 6 months from now we’re going to look back and we’re going to see how God has given us the strength to weather the storm, to get through the pandemic, and to see light on the other side,” said Dr. Baker.

To learn more about ways you can “Test Positive”, head to StevensCreekChurch.com

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