Terminally ill teen getting a helpful surprise


Many of us look for ways to make a difference in someone’s life and that’s exactly what a group of South Carolina activists is doing for one local, terminally ill teen. 

You may remember Shantell Poosner or Princess Shannie. This past July she and her family held a fundraiser at their home in Denmark for a service dog. 

The goal was not met leaving princess Shannie’s mom Deanna Miller discouraged. 

Bikers Against Bullies started giving me phone calls, asking for more background information about her and by the end of that night they had given me the news that they were going to basically donate the service dog and I was beyond excited,” said Miller.

Miller did not tell the good news to Princess Shannie at first. She and the Bikers Against Bullies wanted to surprise the sick teen.

“We were all excited about it and a little nervous but very happy to be able to present Shannie with the news she was getting the dog she needed,” said Bikers Against Bullies representative Ryland Underwood.

Miller added, “The crowd went crazy everyone was just excited. Oh, she was excited! She was talking with the dog got to do a video chat with the dog. We hosted basically a game, name the dog contest for her service dog so she’s since self-named herself Princess she now has her prince so her dog’s name is Prince.”

Right now Prince is getting trained by a woman in Fresno, C.A.

“It looks to me that everything is gonna go just as well as we’re hoping if not better,” said Underwood.

Princess Shannie’s dog is being trained to specifically meet her needs.

“The dog is being trained to when she experiences those periods of where she blacks out or she suffocates and she’s not breathing. Especially at night time where there’s no medical device that could alert her because of the type of conditions she has, this dog is going to benefit her tremendously. The goal is for the dog to be trained to alert us when she’s in distress so that we can provide a quicker, faster response time to get her the medical attention she needs,” explained Miller.

Folks are looking forward to the first time Princess Shannie will meet her prince.

“I think it’s going to be a love at first sight at least on the dog part of Princess Shannie.”

It is planned Princess Shannie’s service dog will be delivered to her next year.

If you would like to get involved in Princess Shannie’s cause click here.

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