Teens talk politics with 2020 presidential election approaching


AUGUSTA, Ga. – “I hope people are able to be informed, to be enticed, to enjoy the entire round table itself, and see how to youth of Augusta, Georgia think about these policies,” says William McClain, Founder of The Youth Platform.

The Youth Platform met at the Kroc Center where they had conversations on some of the largest policy issues in the federal, state, and local level of government.

The topics they hit on were immigration, incarceration, transgender ineqaulity, and the performances of political leaders.

They felt it was important to start these events with the 2020 presidential election around the corner.

“It was definitely good for us to do it at this time. My last one I talked about the new democrats in the presidential election candidates. But this one definitely to talk about even what Donald Trump, since he’s running for reelection. What are his policies on these huge issues,” says William McClain.

The Youth Platform members tells me they are motivating the youth to get involved with politics considering they will be the next generation to vote.

“If they can be heard it can really benefit the way that people run the country if they can understand the opinions and thoughts of a new generation of a new breed of people and a new breed of ideas,” says Jeremiah Reese, The Youth Platform member.

“Once you learn at an early age about why it’s good to vote, why do you need to look into policies and politics behind a certain candidate, you’re able to possibly impact it yourself,” says William McClain.

The community and many leaders were there to support and listen into the conversation.

“They’re the future of this country, and kids who are serious about their education like this are the ones who are likely to move on to the bigger things in politics and otherwise. I think it’s very important to support them and do what we can to help them move along,” says Dan Steiner, Running for 12th District U.S. Congress.

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