AIKEN, S.C. (WJBF) — Jacob Lee is a senior at Aiken High School and this year for his 18th birthday he’s holding a fundraiser for the Free Medical Clinic of Aiken.

“What we do here is, we serve people who are aged 19 through 64 who are uninsured, and they have a chronic disease, and they need help,” said Executive Director Orion Jeter.

“So, Hearts for CMC is a fundraiser I’m doing. It’s kind of Valentine’s themed, as the name ‘Hearts’ would suggest, where we are selling hearts and heart themed t-shirts for the clinic,” said Lee.

Jacob has been holding his fundraiser since the start of February and, for him, helping the clinic is a personal matter.

“The clinic is a special place in my heart. My mother worked here for almost ten years and ran it for about six. So, I spent a good amount of time here. During that time, I really saw all the impact that the clinic had, and I saw the people here and what they were doing and the passion they had for it,” said Lee.

Jacob’s goal is to raise $18,000 or one thousand dollars for each year of his life. He understands the impact the clinic has on the community.

“We’re totally a non-profit. We’re a charitable organization. We need support. That’s our life blood and donors are what keeps us going. We take care of people in Aiken County, mostly the working poor that have health problems, usually diabetes, high blood pressure, things like that and treat them and actually help them go forward, not only with good health but possibly a better life,” said Chairman Charles Pexa.

“The biggest thing is to raise awareness because this clinic is doing so much good and access to quality health care is a problem that’s bigger than just our community,” said Jacob.

Jacob’s fundraiser will continue until his birthday on February 25. He’s donated the funds he’s already raised to the clinic. The folks at the Free Medical Clinic of Aiken are thankful for everything he’s doing.

“This is what we need more of in our community. Our clinic is one that’s invisible in plain sight but what he’s doing is helping us to raise awareness of this clinic so that more people can hopefully join him,” said Jeter.

Jacob’s mother is excited about the young man Jacob is becoming.

“This clinic has a special place in my heart, and I am so proud to know that my kids, I have another son who’s also involved with the clinic, but that my kids picked up on that, and it also has a special place in their heart,” said Jamie Mothkovich.

If you’d like to get a shirt to support the clinic, CLICK HERE. Be sure to leave a message that you’re buying a shirt for the Hearts for CMC fundraiser.

After Jacob’s fundraiser, there will still be plenty of ways to help the clinic. Their next fundraiser event is a trivia night happening on March 2. There is also an ice cream social happening at Flanigan’s Ice Cream on March 5 from 3-5 p.m. The staff encourages people to come out and support a good cause.