AIKEN, S.C., (WJBF) – Put Down the Guns Now Young People organization held an event in Aiken Monday to teach gun safety to teens.

Jack Logan founded Put Down the Guns Now Young People in 2010, after one of his friend’s children was sentenced to prison following an accidental shooting. Logan says now he’s committed to helping prevent accidental shootings among teens.

“I don’t believe there’s a child in the world today under the age of 16 have that much malice that they want to kill another person. They don’t understand what they have in their hand because when I go visit them in jail, they tell you they didn’t really mean to kill them,” Logan said.

Logan says gun locks can prevent these situations, even when they’re not accidental.

“They may steal that gun with the intent to shoot Jack lets say, and by the time they get the lock off the gun, they may have changed their mentality of wanting to hurt another person,” Logan said.

Logan passed out t-shirts, gun locks, and pledges on Monday.

“They will write their name and sign this pledge stating that they will not pick up a gun  until they have been taught the responsibility,” Logan said.

He chose to raise awareness in Aiken after three teens were shot and killed over the weekend.

“Three young men who police have charged, their lives are ruined forever. One may say and Jack, the victims’ mothers and fathers lives are ruined forever. And that is so true,” Logan said.

At the event, Logan says 53 gun locks were distributed and 47 pledges were signed.