Teal Pumpkin Project


Researchers estimate that up to 15 million Americans have food allergies. That’s 1 in 13 children, or roughly two in every classroom. 

“Those that know more about food allergies and can help with this makes it a little bit safer and a little bit easier for your children to go out and enjoy this time of year,” says Michelle Hedger, a local allergy shot nurse.

For such a happy occasion like Halloween, some parents hate to see their kid disappointed. This national movement advocates for kids with food allergies. 

Families can put a teal-colored pumpkin on their porch,letting other families know children with those restrictions can trick or treat there. It’s happening right here in Augusta. 

“We have done fourteen years of pretzels, they come pre-packaged and we give them out. One year we gave out almost 200,” says Barbara Crowley.

Those participating in the project are encouraged to hand out things other than chocolate, including slinkies,balls and stickers. 

Barbara tells us participating in this project is rewarding to her because her thoughtfulness for these kids is appreciated.

“We’ve have had several parents come with their child and when they seen the pretzels thought it was a great idea.”

You can add your house to the map letting trick or treaters with allergies know where to stop.

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