Teachers across Georgia are set to get a $3,000 pay increase


Teachers across Georgia are set to get a $3,000 pay increase

Georgia Lieutenant Governor Geoff Duncan told Columbia County community leaders the pay increase
is just one way the state is working to keep good teachers.

“Giving those teachers what they deserve is a great down payment on us continuing giving them the tools and resources needed,” said Duncan.

Duncan says the raise is not only for the teachers’ benefit but for students to have access to tools to excel in the classroom.

“If we educate a child K through 12 and give them a solid standing platform, they can provide for themselves and their family for a lifetime,” explained Duncan.

Columbia County Superintendent Sandra Carraway says the increase in pay will give educators more resources to help them teach.

“We need to be able to attract outstanding people to the profession, and that’s just one more draw,” said Carraway. 

Also, new this year, Georgia students will have to take at least one technology course before graduating.

Duncan says the cyber-boom we’re seeing locally makes learning technology more critical than ever.

“To introduce them to the concepts in computer science and data, and all those technology ideas to put that spark in them if that’s something if their mindset or skill-set is set towards,” said Duncan.

At least a million dollars a year will be put into that program, adding up to more resources to teach students. 

But Georgia’s Lieutenant Governor says a lot of the work needs to be done at home as well.

“We’ve got to as a nation move away from thinking education is not a partnership between the school and the parent,” explained Duncan. “It is a true partnership, and if we don’t do that education outcomes will never to take the up-tick.”

Georgia teachers and university professors can expect that pay raise starting July 1st.

The state also included a two percent pay raise for non-educators who work for the school system.

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