Teacher charged after physical altercation with student at Glenn Hills Middle School

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UPDATE: The Richmond County School Board tells us that Mr. Akenga Smith will be charged with Simple Battery, following an investigation into his alleged altercation with a student at Glenn Hills Middle School.

Count on NewsChannel 6 for more details as they’re available.

Original article below:

An altercation between a teacher and student at Glenn Hills Middle School was caught on camera.

The video is drawing a strong reaction. That teacher is out of the classroom and an investigation is underway.

The video shows the student trying to push Mr. Akenga Smith first.

That’s when he pushed back.

A grandparent of a Glenn Hills Middle Student, Todd Simmons, says, “a man doesn’t put his hands on a child, I don’t care what the situation was about.”

In this particular situation, the teacher did not stop.

The video shows him continuing to fight a minor by pushing him to the ground and taking him outside of the classroom.

A Richmond County School Counselor says, the teacher should have gotten outside help.

She says, “We have panic buttons. So, somebody should have pressed the panic button.”

Richmond County Schools responded to the situation in a statement.

They say an investigation has begun and the teacher has been placed on paid administrative leave during this time.

A mother whose kid attends Richmond County Schools, says, “paid leave? I don’t think he should have got paid leave. I think he should have left, and I don’t think he should be allowed to come back to an Richmond County Public Schools, cause if he did it then, he’ll do it again.”

Some people think Mr. Smith was using self defense.

Counselor for Tobacco Road Elementary, say, “I would want to know exactly what happened and why because some times you do have to defend yourself.”

A viewer with connections to the school told NewsChannel 6 that the student was asked to be removed from the classroom for being disrespectful.

This was before the incident got physical.

A woman who lives near the school, says, “adults have to have a certain amount of control when they are around kids. Kids today are different from kids from before. They had a lot of respect.”

Even though some people believe kids nowadays have a lack of respect, others say adults need to lead by example.

A father whose kids went to Richmond County Schools, says, “there is always a better way of handling the situation than that kind of violence.”

Richmond County School Board says that the case file will be presented to a judge to see if charges will be filed.

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