Taxpayers sound off on commission car allowance


Many issues facing the city of Augusta for commissioners to act on lots of needs and wants and at least for some Commissioners one of those wants is a five hundred dollar month,six thousand dollars a year car allowance.

It’s a commission proposal driving taxpayers to say this.
“Ridiculous, ridiculous,” said Gene Williams.

Some Augusta Commissioners saying it’s time to get rid of their free monthly gas in exchange for a 500 dollar a month car allowance,

“I don’t know if it’s right off hand to do the extra at this point I wouldn’t support right off hand,” said Alton Fisher.

Commissioners say to do their job requires a lot of driving,putting wear and tear on their personal vehicles.

“Therefore the $500 dollar a month allowance would be fair we give it to certain employees in the government and we are expected by our constituents to be at a lot of activities,” said Commissioner Dennis Williams.

But do taxpayers feel 500 dollars a month is fair.

“No I think it’s ridiculous I think they don’t do well enough job to get any pay raise,” said Amy Symms.

“I don’t think they need that they don’t need to be traveling around seeing all these people,” said J.B. Shaw.

“It seems a little high to me but if they could show they were really doing Augusta business I would be okay with it but I would be surprized if they could prove it,” said Beth Williams.

“Nobody is giving me a pay raise and I’m a senior citizen I’m retired so what do I get out of it how is it going to benefit me that’s 500 dollar a month I was talking to my aunt yesterday and said they can come pay my taxes on that,” said Gene Williams.

Even if commissioners approve the car allowance on Tuesday there’s no guarantee any of them will be able to spend it it will not take affect January 2021 after the 2020 commission elections In Augusta George Eskola WJBF newschannel six.

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